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The lightweight mower is popular in the commercial market and is well known for its high work rate, slope stability and manoeuvrability.

This unit is famed for fitting into a standard size transit van so no need for a trailer.

To increase the mower's already impressive output, drive train improvements have been made to boost the overall efficiency.

Kubota® D1105-T, 3 cylinder (in line) 4 stroke watercooled, turbocharged, diesel engine
24.5 kW @ 3000 rpm
Fuel Capacity: 43 litres

On-demand cross-flow 4 wheel drive system, 2 wheel drive in transport mode. Direct coupled variable displacement pump giving a forward cutting speed of 12 km/h and a transport speed of 25 km/h

The Highway 3 features the most advanced control systems yet seen in a Ransomes mower, perhaps any commercial mower and, because of this, many of the traditional gauges have been replaced with a single, multi-functional screen.

The instrument panel contains switches that operate the parking brake, starter key, cutting unit engagement, backlap/mower reverse and hazard warning lights, if fitted.

This provides all the information required for safe operation including: warning lights, fuel gauge, hour meter,subsequent displays contain information on oil and water temperatures, oil pressure, blocked filters and various other warnings.

When a service is due an indicator displays the time left before the service and provides a list of the service items and parts required to complete the job. Any faults will be logged and can be retrieved later.

Length: 2.45 m
Transport Width: 1.37 m
Height with ROPS: 2.1 m
Operating Weight: Less than 1200kg
Ground Pressure: 1.0 kg/cm²
Wheel Base: 1.35 m
Wheel Track: Front: 1.05 m
Rear: 1.10 m

The tried and tested Sport 200 cutting units are now 3 kg lighter per unit, but still maintain their strength, durability and reliability.

Swing-out centre cutting unit:
A robust swing out unit that can withstand the rigours of commercial operation.
It is strong and durable, while providing easy access for servicing and major annual maintenance.

2 x 762mm cylinders with 6 knife, 200mm sport cutting heads giving an overall cutting width of 2.13m

Operator Ear Noise Level 83 dB (A)Leq (2000/14/EC)
Hand/Arm Vibration Level 0.39 m/s2

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