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This diesel-powered RTV from Kubota has even better drivability, greater levels of comfort and everything you need to get the job done.

Dependable power when you need it

Thanks to the RTV-X900's powerful 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine with a reputation for dependable performance whatever the conditions, you can enjoy all the power you need on any terrain. Variable Hydraulic Transmission gives a wide torque band, while large oil coolers boost performance further, while protecting your machine's durability.

Work in comfort at all times

Extra leg room alongside power steering, a split-bench seat, two-speed in-line shift and strong, high-rigidity frame helps provide excellent levels of comfort while protecting you from noise, vibrations and the rigours of tough jobs. Front and independent rear suspension mean that regardless of the terrain or load, the ride is truly exceptional.

An easy machine to work with

Dynamic braking helps provide security when travelling down long inclines, while high ground clearance and the height-adjustable suspension ensures you can get the right set up for your job. Limited-slip front differential with true 4-wheel drive helps reduce wheelspin and gives you even greater levels of control.

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