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TRILO BL300 Blower

The light Trilo BL300 excels in its suitability for clearing sports and grass fields, artificial grass fields, golf courses, public and private parks and gardens and other areas where leaves and/or rubbish are not desirable.

The BL300 is fitted as standard with a 180 degree rotating exhaust spout which is operated hydraulically from the towing vehicle. As the exhaust spout is located right in the heart of the machine, there is no difference in working from the left or from the right. The exhaust spout has been fitted with an adjustable end cap to provide improved control of the air jet.

The height of the gauge wheels can be adjusted using spacers.

Thanks to the lightweight fan, the load on the fan belts during start-up remains relatively low which helps to guarantee an extensive lifespan. The fan is statically and dynamically balanced which creates steady operation, free from vibration.

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